Sustainable Strategy

We combine science with adaptability to prove that it is possible to provide sustainable merchandise without compromising on creativity and to prove the value of effective promotional merchandise solutions.

all that jazz products

Avoid items which encourage a linear economy such as:

  • One-use plastic items, e.g. plastic straws
  • Items without a function, e.g. balloons

Instead source items which help us work towards a circular economy such as:

  • Recycled products
  • Products made from waste
  • Up-cycled products
  • Bio-degradable products
  • Products made from bio-based materials
  • Organic products
  • Products with a purpose

When packaging items either:

  • Avoid packaging altogether where possible (for example plastic bags for individual items)
  • Use recycled packaging
  • Use Recyclable packaging
  • Use compostable packaging

Re-consider where you merchandise is coming from and how your merchandise is being transported:

  • Where possible source locally/European produced products
  • If product is coming from FE, plan in advance and avoid unnecessary air-freight